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. >> in 52 presidential elections the popular vote and the electoral have con insided john quincy adams. hayes in '76. bush over gore in 2000. that's not a bad record. 52 out of 56. i wouldn't worry about it so much. >> or 2 out of 3. >> i think 2000 was a moment of great crisis in this country. lot of the particularization in this country, after that with 9/11 is what caused this country to be what i call a cold civil war. >> it could become even more partisan after that. this will all be facing as we the deadline when the tax increases would hit and approaching the debt limit. >> this is part of romney's closing arguments. romney is running as a guy who can fix big problems and this is what i think is helping to fuel his surge in the final days, that, and i think this is also why people aren't disturb that his positions tend to evolve. people have low views about the competence of government. romney turned around the olympics and can get things down. >> with the federal government funding. >> well, look. >> you can't say you're a turn-around artist when you're saying you're relying on
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)